Interview by Kirabat

How would you describe your sound, let's say, compared to other bands, like Skinny Puppy and Ministry?

There might be some coincidental features of Testify sound compared to Ministry or even Skinny Puppy style, of course all three having for example a simular way of performing and treating vocals (no wonder with a vocalist like Myk being an old Skinny Puppy adorer and cheap copy-tist...har). Moreover is the guitar work not too far from Ministry, and the fast titles sound pretty much alike, so, ah, yes...finally it gets clear to everyone even to us dumb nuts, that there's nothing special in the Testify sound,.. with the exception of the mainly pornographic lyrics perhaps.

I heard that some of the band members were involved in "The Fair Sex"... what was that like?

Yes some of us mentally wrecked descended from the stone-cold tribal called "The Fair Sex", which comes from the more electronic influenced grounds,where they tried to mingle up all sorts of features they thought to be fitting their strange conception. Listen to the recently in the States released "Labyrinth" album, which is the conclusion of one decade of relentless disturbance (doesn't that sound interesting?)

How many projects have you done so far aside from Testify?

There woz "The Fair Sex", being the mother of all, and then Testify, and then came "Nice Gods Bleed" into being, which one day you will hear of if everything works out due to strategy...and Rascal, one of the old TFS Headmasters is walking techno - influenced electronic fields with 1 am . But of course, most of these names mean nothing to the new world, which is your American continent but wait.

Are you working on a new creation?

We have just completed the work on the second Testify album which will be called "Mmmyaoooo" mastered it a few days ago. Adam Grossman from Skrew was involved in that work. He's a great person and had an important imput into the new stuff and I dare say the result is huge. And Moses did a very good job as musical director, insane formater.

Who and what were your influences?

Ministry and Skinny Puppy, har. And Skrew of course, Adam yes. What else? NIN? Stuff like that, probably alittle bit of White Zombie, perhaps... but you don't expect us to give away all names and groups we use to steal ideas from eh?

In your opinion is the wide world of industrial music going to spread its disease or keep itself secluded from mainstream?

I hope and think the wide world of Industrial is even getting wider and bigger.

With bands like Filter and NIN claiming to be industrial (or at least their fans think so...) do you feel they are bringing down the scene or not?

No, I don't think they're bringing down the scene or whatever. You see: someone called the Industrial Scene, a wide world, which is a nice expression, so it ought to be and remain a wide world with phenomenons like NIN on the edge to mainstream? They even are not too close to mainstream, that's what I think at least.

What are some of your favorite clubs in the states?

Oh when I was in the states I was visiting some clubs in L.A. but to be true I've forgotten their names. The Probe or what was it called? famous club, anyway ok , I think. And then, quite near on the Sunset Boulevard as well, was this club where River Phoenix died in front of or so. Quite a nice club but not that exciting of course. And all the guys behind the bars seem to stop serving beer at 2am or so , isn't that a shame?! I can not say too much more concerning this question. I'm afraid with that little time I've spent in the states and this short period filled with nothing but work doing these 486 interviews that Paul sent me to, harr.

How do you feel about Commercialism?

I would like Testify to sell some records. I would like to see some hollow flat good time happy hollow phrases stuff vanish into nothingness,yes.

Do drugs affect your music in a positive way?

No. When I take drugs which does not happen often enough, then I am happy or a psychic wreck, but then it's deep in the night, lost in strange sorts of clubs, yearning for Katalyn...but the work is taking place in absolute boring stillness of endless choking with bordom days which makes the Testify results even more amazing, what do you think?

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Yes, do you know the name and address of whom that sells a bit o unwretched peace of mind? or anti restlessness? Someone who manufactures pills against helpless anger? eh?