Interview by Mike Trujillo

Shadows creatures, loud metal mechanisms,blue neon electronic landscapes. This is the sort of imagery related by the German based band called SIELWOLF. Their Van Richter Records LP, Metastasen, is a horror soundtrack. Sielwolf is a multidemensional force to be reckoned with. Petra Tausenpfund offers some vital information on the devastating Sielwolf.

Pit: Tell us about the name Sielwolf

Petra: It's a clearing machine in the sewer and canals; it has a fast rotating ball trimmed with razor sharp claws.

Pit: Is there anything specific that influences your music?

Petra: Our music shows our personalities quite well because it's very personal,very intimate. I think it's necessary to make music that shows what is inside. We change all the time; we try to develop. Metastasen was our last concept album, and when it comes time to do the next LP we will change a little here and there.

Pit: What sort of feelings are running through your brain while performing?

Petra: For myself it's always like being under pressure before coming on stage, and then on stage I feel like I can get rid of everything. I can get rid of my aggressions and everything is fine.After coming off stage I always feel alittle depressed, because I never want to stop. In the studio it's the same, but more serious in terms of putting the work together.

Pit: What are the songs about on Metastasen?

Petra: Peter, the singer writes all the lyrics. What he does is record his dreams in a book and use the words from his dreamsas Lyrics. Alot of them are about being under pressure, getting rid of aggression and not being satisfied with society. Everything revolves around money, and other feelings aren't important. In Germany it's really hard sometimes. We come from Frankfurt where the big banks are and everybody wants money all the time,nothing else is important. It makes you very frustrated.

Pit: What do you feel makes Siewolf unique?

Petra: We stopped running after success, so we are quite open to development; we are open to try new things. There are very few bands in Germany who are like that, and I think that musicians must try and stay inidividuals and never forget why they started to make music.