"Nobody knows a Sielwolf,but deep under the ground he's doing his job."
That is one of the first statements released by label Van Richter in describing these German noise - manipulators. Sielwolf (a German sewer cleaning unit, shaped like a bullet with spinning blades, scrapers, and other things of the sort) does, in their own words, "filter or not filter out all the trash and all the dirt which is within us all".

Formed in 1983, Peter Prochir (formerly the percussionist for Kassiber) describes the formation of the band as an attempt at acid-house. "I read about this concept and wanted to try something similar, but something totally different resulted from it, but it was very funny nonetheless." This humble, somewhat tongue in check self- interpretation of themselves is misleading. Their latest release, Metastasen, is in no way flippant. In fact, the heaviness of the entire project is somewhat of a musical black hole. You are attracted to it to the point of being sucked in, and then you ask, "Is there any escape?" Would you even want to escape?

As veterans to the creative process, Sielwolf combines sound loops,and really heavy grinding guitars with an ambiguous prose, free - form lyrical writing style. Always on the quest for the right sample, Peter Prochir states "As soon as some typical things are contained in the music, it gets easier." Trust me, nothing 'is easy about the sound of Seilwolf. From early projects, like Collectionism (1984/85) and Der Riss, to their latest, Metastasen, Seilwolf continually scours, driving out the refuse in the sewage systems of our psyche to allow proper mind flow. Await for the coming of the Seilwolf, you'll recognize the humming and buzzing of its sharp teeth.