MONSTER: How did the band name come about?

Petra: A Sielwolf is a machine that filters the dirt in a sewage. Peter had a project with another guy 1983 and this guy was talking about a Sielwolf. When we formed the band 1989 we came back to the name because our musical concept worked simular to a Sielwolf. We recycled old records and samples of movies into a completely different sound. The atmosphere of the songs sometimes remind on dirty water deep in the ground.

MONSTER: What kind of roots do you attribute to the band?

Petra: Industrial roots of the eighties and new classical music (Swans, Mark Stewart, Neubauten, Pendereckie, Pierre Henry (french avantgarde)

MONSTER: How would you describe the different personalities within the band?

Petra: Our guitarist, bassist, drummer are playing in other bands too. They have all studied music. When we are on tour they always try to meet women but it never happened till now. Peter and me (Petra) can't live on our music so we both have to work to survive. Usually we make or listen to music at home. I think Peter and me are sometimes difficult to work with because we exactly know what we want which makes it difficult sometimes for the other members to realize their ideas.

MONSTER: Who does the writing of the music for the group or is it shared?

Petra: Peter and me are the main songwriters.

MONSTER: Is your music available to the public or only available through private sources (underground)?

Petra: We were on different record labels and brought out five albums and two maxi CDs (European market). You can get them in record stores. The American versions of the Van Richter label (Metastasen, Magnum Force and in October Nachtstrom) you can get in record shops too.

MONSTER: Do you have any record label interest(s) or plans in the record label arena?

Petra: Now we are dealing with Van Richter at the moment.

MONSTER: What is your current touring schedule (areas, dates, etc.)

Petra: At the moment we are not touring. We are working on our new record which always takes time. We would really like to tour in America but its very difficult to get gigs over here if you are not known.

MONSTER: Can you tell us some of the goals for SIELWOLF in 1997?

Petra: We want to bring out a record "Nachtstrom" in October on Van Richter.

MONSTER: How about 1998?

Petra: I guess that we will bring out another record then and hopefully going on tour!

MONSTER: How does SIELWOLF feel about the state of the music scene in today's world?

Petra: Its getting worse because too many people are able to make music with the new technology . Music market for our style becomes smaller because small record labels are pushed out of the market. Commercial music will completely take over.

MONSTER: How is the internet technology affecting SIELWOLF?

Petra: It's all right for now because we are in LA Know and able to answer all those interviews on the internet but I prefer to talk to an interviewer and have an interaction.

MONSTER: How would you like to see the music scene evolve?

Petra: More Chances for bands who want to realize their ideas which would mean more financial support in general.

MONSTER: What are your most memorable moments as a band so far?

Petra: When our drummer played naked on stage and were thrown up over the Hi hat.

MONSTER: Can you offer up any advice for up and coming bands and musicians?

Petra: Never believe what record labels tell you!