Plastic Noise Experience

by sophia k. clark

Full Name:
Stephan-Markus Kalwa (your schizophrenic Pal)
the Pal / Steph / Stephie / Blondie
Aachen, NRW, Germany
University of Aachen
Do you drink:
not really
Favorite Shampoo or conditioner:
Have you ever gone skinny dipping:
Do you make fun of people:
Favorite color:
marine blue
Have You ever been convicted of a crime:
no crime
no pets
Favorite Movie:
"23", "Birdy", "Harold & Maud" ...
Favorite Type of Music:
electronic / grunge
music / Internet / reading
Dream Car:
first of all one of the old german car-builders "Horch" around 1930,
second a "Triumph" / "Morgan" or "Healey"
third a Hummer
Type of Car you drive now:
VW "Rabbit"
Words or phrases you overuse:
"not really", "unbelievable", "quiet child, the farther speakes!"
Favorite Food:
selfmade vegetarian food / dishes
Piercing or tattoos:
no, none of them
Most romantic thing that ever happened to you:
candlelight dinner
How do you characterize yourself (a hopeless romantic - non- romantic):
a hopeless optimistic grumbler (sometimes a "real pal" and sometimes an "angel of death")
Do you get along with your parents:
when they do what I want ...
Favorite town to chill in:
"Green Bay"
Favorite Ice Cream:
white truffle
Favorit Fruit:
coconut, pineapple
Favorite Drink:
mineral water
Whats your bed time:
between 2 and 3 am
Favorite Perfume/Cologne:
Hugo (Hugo Boss)
Favorite Song at the moment:
"Would you ... ?" - touch and go
Favorite Musical Groups:
Kraftwerk, FLA, Klinik, Dive, NIN ...
Favorite Website:
always the site that I am programming for the moment (changes often) developer-sites
Favorite Subject in school:
maths, physics and biology
Least Favorite Subject:
german, english
Favorite Alcoholic Drink:
scotch or irish single malt whiskey
Favorite Sport to watch:
Most Humiliating moment:
Loudest person you know:
my neighbours
Crayziest person you know:
me, myself and I
Favorite Holiday:
car-tour through Turkey about ten years ago
What do you look for in a sex partner:
the beauty and the beast