Interview with Myk Jung (THE FAIR SEX/TESTIFY)

Hi! Greetings from me Myk vox of TFS and harsh brother Testify !

As I've learnt from Paul: "you american people are interested in informations about The Fair Sex and Co: About the nowadays July'95 situation, about anything? About the glorious past?

OK, here we go. Where should I start with? Today's the 29th of July, and so me weeks ago we ended our early-summer TFS-tour. "Labyrinth"-tour. "Labyrinth" just because this is the title of our brand new amazing album which you do not know in the new world yet, where it will be releases in autumn which is a season of the year that you strange folk call 'fall',is that correct? So, this thing will come to you later this very year, this season, and the Labyrinth will come to you, too. It will overrun the States, with no doubt, ha harr, just because it includes titles such as "Cyberbite", "You Know How", "White Noise" and so on which MUST be looooooved. Let's wait and see.

The only thing you can get from us over there in the Strange Land is the Machine Bites album so far, and this is an interesting collection of the 90's TFS titles compiled by Paul Abramson, the ultimate Headmaster is Southern California. The greatest "hits" of this compilation in Europe proved to be "Not Now, Not Here" and "Alaska" by the way. I wonder if things are different in the U.S.A.

Now it's summer and we hang around under a hot sun, almost as hot as the American version of the sun this year, as I was told. We try to ejaculate, but this is not easy, for the Pacific ocean is far away, and as the whole world knows that is the best spot on our planet to jerk off. We have taken up again the work on the next Testify release, and this means that Moses and Myk are working themselves thru a hill of material that came to life throughout the recent months.

"Mouthful Of Mud, Eat The Dirt, Crawl The Dust" is one of those titles, but Myk, that is me, is not sure if he should keep these lyrics, having discovered the Skrew title "Mouthful of Dust", which is perhaps too simular. What do you Americans think? Would it be too bold not to change the lyrics? Give me advice!!! I need your help now. But don't forget that Adam from Skrew might work with us on the next Testify album! So this is an extreme difficult situation, as you all see now, and probably it can't be solved, and we decide to let Testify die, harr.

But now I'll switch into the darkest Past; I have threatened to do that, if you remember. I'll tell you of the very beginnings, and these of course are the beginnings of The Fair Sex, which happened to happen in late 1984, but thinking back to those days I come to the conclusion that it must have been indeed 1924, which some historians name the real year of the TFS foundation.

L'O was the guitar player in those days, and afterwards he was guitar player. So he was always guitar player, and that made him boring, a little bit. But he found some comfort/relief/trust in making experiments with bright-coloured powders.

Blonder played guitar in late 1984, but he was more interesting than L'o, because he changed to the keyboards in early 85, and then, in 1992, back to the second guitar ( which was not his most important function, he being one of the programmers in those latter days of ripeness in the ninety's). Myk always held the microphone,boring. Rascal held the master-bass, was the other TFS voice, quite boring.

A. Bang was the drummer: and he was not that boring, for he did a thing that is very seldom and very terrrible when he died on stage in September 1988 (I think I can talk like this, and he would forgive my sounding somehow respectless-what I don't think I actually am). As you see now those very early days we were quite "natural", and in fact: the electronic share in the TFS sound developed but slowly.

"Bushman" was one of the eldest titles, being written in February 85-but wait! You do not know "Bushman" one of the most important TFS classics, for it's not on the Machine Bites! So this information cannot mean anything to you. And rhis is sad. So I'll go to bed now; sadness hammers me onto the ground. Hi I'm back again, and it's the next day, as usual, and it's warm and sunny again (which is not usual for European summers), and I'll go on. In 1987 we started to release our weird ideas, and we became great pop stars in Germany, in Europe, in Usbekistan, but it might be that I am exeggerating things a bit now. For Usbekistan is in Central Asia and we never sold more than 80,000 copies there. Har. So I'm approaching the end of this report, but I can continue any time if there are any requests in the future. For now my mouth is full of mud, and I'm gonna eat the dirt, I'll even crawl the dust: Testify arrangements are waiting for me, horrible work.I appreciate your appreciating our work, and I am serious. And I'll go on working on our works now. Goodbye for now.

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