Girls Under Glass

Interview by Matt Jones

Can you tell me what to expect from your latest album?

We expect that this album is a good way to introduce the band to other countries. We released 10 regular albums so far, "Nightmares" is the second one that is released in US and other countries, so there is definitetely some explanation needed. "Nightmares" gives you the explanation, because it includes material from all decades.

About a year ago, Nuclear Blast Records came out with a 3-CD compilation of bands signed to the label from when the label first started up until today. You guys had a song on that compilation called "Zeitbombe". Were you guys signed to Nuclear Blast before signing to Van Richter Records?

We signed with Nuclear Blast worldwide and recognized that the network of Nuclear Blast US doesn't work well enough, so with our new label partner Hall Of Sermon we have a deal for Europe only. We think we can be much stronger like that. Before Nuclear Blast we were at Strange Ways who didn't release any of our records anywhere but in Germany which is not enough, because we do NOT do a sound that is only attractive to Germans.

From what I have heard, you guys are very popular in Germany. I remember reading somewhere that you guys were in their German Alternative Charts at position #3. Did this exposure over in Germany help you guys out at all with record sales in other parts of the world other than Germany?

Not at all. The german alternative Charts (DAC) are only important for Germany but don't have anything to do with sales.It's charts voted by DJs. The DAC position just says that we are one of the most voted band for club play in Germany in the moment. Saleswise we are definitely not top of the list, but we do quite well and are definitely well known.

Girls Under Glass has been around for more than 10 years, right? Do you guys find it hard to come up with new ideas and concepts as the years go on?

Not at all. Our idea so far was to do something different with every album. That's why the songs on "Nightmares" are that different. We did goth-albums, we did electro-albums, we did poppy albums, we did metal albums. All this styles we combine with our idea of GUG, so that there is still a red line and a identification. Our newest german release "Equlibrium" (to be released later by Van Richter) is the first one we go back to our very roots. But this step felt so natural that we didn't had problems at all. We never had problems with finding idas because so far we always did what we wanted to do. We have a lot of freedom in songwriting and everything. We do NOT do music for one certain scene. That means that wer are not under pressure to satisfy a certain scene. This is a good basis to do good music and not running out of ideas.

How has Van Richter Records been so far? Have they been fair to you, give you musical freedom, etc.?

No idea. It's to early to say anything. So far I had 600% more interviews to do than we did for the Nuclear Blast US release. That's a good sign. Apart from that we didn't have any deeper experiences with each other. You better ask the other bands. Apart from that I think neither Van Richter nor we are easy to work with.

What type of music did you guys start out playing when you first got together? I know you guys have influences from metal, industrial,techno...

The first two records were very much goth inspired. Slow, doomy, dark, very electronical (we worked with drum machine, sequencers and 1 guitar).It was the electronic-side of Sisters Of Mercy (just to give you an simple comparison)

Your new album is mixed by KMFDM and Die Krupps. How did you guys get both of those bands to do mix your album? Have you and the bands been friends from the scene, or what?

The KMFDM remix is 10 years old. We know Sascha and En Esch from the time they still lived in hamburg. It was planned that Sascha and En Esch produced the whole "Flowers" album, but they were too far away what was acceptable for us at that time. So we just let them do a couple of mixes instead of producing the whole album. Nowadays I must admit I would be really curious how the album would have sounded. I bet it would be great! But they were too much ahead of their and our time. Much later we got to know Die Krupps. I think Chris bought one of Haukes AnalogToMidi.-Converters (Hauke, our Keyboardplayer is diplom-electronic-whatever and build a weird thing that people like Klaus Schulze, Chris Lietz of Die Krupps and some other freaks bought. Hauke is a genious!!!) So we just asked Die Krupps what they think about "Die Zeit" and they wanted to do it. Very simple thing.

Have KMFDM and Die Krupps been major influences on your music?

Not at all. All three of us listen to very different kind of music so that you will never be in the situation to pick out a certain influence. All three of us are so far away from each other re. musical interest. Hauke is a total Hippie, Axel listens to everything he is introduced to and I am a freak of indutrial metal and pop-ballads. I just love intensive music.

Are you guys gonna go on tour anytime soon in the Untied States at all?

I have no idea. I doubt it, although Van Richter gave us the impression, that he will work on it. But I think finacially wise it is a real Harakiri-thing for everybody being involved in that. So realistically speaking I have big doubts that we will tour in USA or anywhere else out of Europe soon.

Is there a Girls Under Glass website that people could go and check out?

There is a website, but its not worth to check it. To be honest, I think it's a peace of shit!! So please don't check it out. Van Richter has their own page that is cool with lots of information They will help out with answers, love letters and everything you need. Okay?