Girls Under Glass

by Darrel Hughes

What made you decide to cover a Madonna song, and why "Frozen"?.

Volker: "Frozen" is one of the very few popsongs I ever liked. So it was a big challenge to cover an actual song.

You gave "Frozen" a Goth-Rock sound, when I feel you could have done it much better in your Dark-Synth-Pop style, what made you choose the musical direction of this cover?.

Volker: I think, it works perfect. The song was in many clubcharts and college radio charts in Germany. So the success tells me that our decision about the way of doing this version was right.

How did your collaboration with Das Ich take place regarding their remix of "Wings"?, what did you like about their version?.

Volker: We just changed mixes. We did a mix for Das Ich, so Bruno did a mix for GUG. Very simple. We know and respect each other now for more than 10 years. So there was nothing spectacular about Das Ich doing a remix for GUG. I like the mix because its very different from the original but still works. But: I prefer the original of course!

"The Bitter End" show's you have a great strength when creating innovative Dark-Synth-Pop songs, so much so it makes your Goth-Rock style sound out-dated in comparison, what is your views on this?.

Volker: Yeah, maybe you are right. But what we do comes from the heart so we don't care about the music by thinking about how we use styles to make a song better. We just "DO"

Have you ever considered making a whole release based on dark electronic music-songs without the guitar driven elements?.

Volker: No. but we have a pure electronic-project, TRAUMA. So we already do 100% electromusic. Why we should do the same with GIRLS UNDER GLASS?

How do you feel about the Wolfsheim collaboration regarding "Grey In Grey", I felt it didn't bring a dynamic energy from the joint effort, more just a typical merger of both bands into one composition, how do you feel about this?.

Volker: I think you are wrong. I think Heppner's vocals fit 100% to the song. By the way: This collaboration happened nine years ago. At that time nobody really cared about Wolfsheim or if this kind of collaboration would work or would not.