Interview with Volker

Where were you on 9/11 and what did you do immediately after you learned of the attacks?

I was in a meeting in Hamburg when suddenly a collegue came in and said that the Twin Towers are destroyed. We interrupted the meeting and were totally shocked when we all saw what was going on in the TV.

Does war make good art?


Do you think that nuclear weapons will be used in our lifetime?

Because "war" and "weapons" is such a big monetary market we can be sure that people will deal with this kind of stuff as long as the earth exists. So I am pretty sure that at some point somebody will use them!

Do you believe in the death penalty?


Predictions for the future?

Life will find a way to survive

How will we know when we're at peace?

I don't believe in peace as a general human interest. Everybody can find his own peace by different practices of looking inside him/herself. The human being as a total society will never be in peace. There are just to many different beliefs, interests, knowledge and personal targets.