by Alyz Tale

Where does the Girls Under Glass' name come from ? Is that relative to the J. G. Thirlwell project Foetus Under Glass or has it an hommage to Joy Division (for the prostitute link) ? I know you've said it's just a floating sounding name but... please ?

It's a name and it means...."Nothing". It has a flow and doesn't give you automatically a direction of what is behind the band. For example Fields Of The Nephilim, Dark Days Of Doom, Creatures Of The Night, Blah of The Blah and all these other cliche-names are telling you straight away what's going on music-wise. I think this is boring. Girls Under Glass stands for open-minded people that are doing open minded music. Why should we choose a name that implicates a certain kind of origin???

What have you done since Equilibrium ?

We wait now for the record to come out on Van Richter for the states. They are trying to make a special bonus CD package with another side project of ours(stay tuned) to give value to the existing GUG fanbase. This hopefully two CD set release will be important for new and old fans alike. For now though we give the fans a taste with "Wings" (Das Ich Mix) and "Desire Lasts forever" on the "Frozen" EP to be released in late August worldwide.

Can you relate your musical evolution ? What have changed, for you, over the years in the scene you are evoluting in and how could you define your path (from human to music) ? From Gary Numan to NIN ?

These are all life lessions as well as changes in band personnell to the final line up of us three members. Our music has evolved as we have as people. We don't care about what the scene is doing. We try to have our own Girls Under Glass signature on our music whether it is aggro harsh or slow and melodic. This depends on our moods at the time of recording the music. Regarding the last record we did everyone in the band was in a satified station in their personal life which our music has reflected. It is not "going back to our roots" as much of the media has stated.

Could you say Nightmares, which includes remix of KMFDM and Die Krupps, has brought to you the international recognition, your music missed all these years despite you are a major influence for most people in the dark/electro/metal/indus scene ? Is that why your first american issue is a sort of introduction of your music ?

We made the big mistake of giving Firewalker to Nuclear Blast for the worldwide market. They gave us little support on the record and did nothing for it in the America market. So when we signed with Van Richter both us and the label looked at "Nightmares" as the first ever record for the Americas. With this in mind we tried to create a unique package for both the current fanbase and hopefully new fans. We tried to create a hybred record with our best hits, out of print songs, and some new material rolled into one package. That was the concept for "Nightmares". Actually the remixes by the big names so far has not been the big draw to the record as one would think. We believe the success has been based on the unique package as well as the diversity of our sound over these past two decades of work. Yes we are unsung pioneers of the underground scene and we hope "Nightmares" would wake people up to the body of work we have done and let people know you can chose from more than just the perceived "old guard" bands in the genres we toil in.

What have changed since you signed to Van Richter records in 1999 ? What is your point of view on the music industry ? Aren't you compromising with this last EP, regarding to such releases as Firewalker ? Will Frozen will be release in Europe on Hall Of Sermon ?

Now we get 100% support as well as treated as a priority artist. Even though the label has been around almost a decade themselves we see they are very selective on signings and their model is to develop artists careers not just pump out releases like most labels. This has been a very refreshing change for us. Again N.B. did nothing for us so this to us in the birth of the band for the U.S. market. Until now we were very disapointed with the music industry but we are happy to find a label like VR that cares about the music first before the money. No this EP is as important as NIN's "Broken". You don't always need to be putting out full lengths to have impact. If we only have six great songs ready why would you want us to put in filler material? We won't compromise on our craft that is why even Nightmares has only quality material on the record. Regarding release of Frozen outside of the Americas it is up to Van Richter to find a good label partner for the record.

How do you describe the Frozen EP ? What was the process ? How did you work on it (inspirations, methods) ?

Frozen is probably our most important record to date. It is a diverse body of work even though it is only six tracks. We love good cover songs we can relate to as well as recraft into the GUG signature mode....and believe it or not Madonna's "Frozen" (title track of the record) was a perfect song for us. We had already a Wings remix done by Bruno and there were some compelling tracks Van Richter wanted from us for another record especially the song Peter of Wolfsheim sang on "Grey in Grey". Again Frozen is another hybred record for us with some new material, remixes and afew best of tracks. These new tracks came at a time when we were feeling very satified with our station in life.

Is that new Frozen EP announcing a forthcoming entire LP (despite it includes mixes from Equilibrium) ? If so, how will it be, what will be the main ideas and when will it be out ?

No not another record coming soon other than the Equilibrium release for the americas next year as already discussed. The plan is to have Equilibrium out in the US market first before starting new material for the label. Of course a tour of the states to support the record would be great if some one would book it.

Why having cover the Madonna song "Frozen" ?

I think we answered that before. However this song we believe should be as significant as Bigod 20's cover of "Like a Prayer". Note her label would not let it be released in Europe before the U.S.

Who are the guests this time ?

Bruno Kramm (Das Ich), Sandra Bammer and Peter Heppner(Wolfsheim)

Can you tell us about the Wolfsheim collaboration on "Grey in Grey" and the work of Das Ich on "Wings", is that really a remix of Das Ich or only Bruno Kramm did it ?

Many people might not know this but we brought the band Wolfsheim to Strange Ways. Of course we never saw anthing from Strange Ways(typical) other than making them allot of money. Naturally we were very good friends so Peter agreed to sing for us on the GUG song "Grey in Grey". We know Wings is being marketed as a Das Ich Mix and yes it is Bruno Kramm masterpiece. We hope everyone likes it as much as we do.

What are your relations with bands such as Project Pitchfork, Deine Lakaien, Love Like Blood or Das Ich ? It seems you had all helped each others over the years, is it like a family ?

We all know each other. Axel does more as he invents Midi gear for GUG that no one has. Jurgen Engler liked it so much he built some for him and Die Krupps. Axel has been a road engineer for many bands such as VNV Nation etc... over the years. The other bands we work with are mostly professional relationships not really family. The GUG side projects are our other families... Trauma, Neustart etc....

You've said you do not wanted to be affiliate to the Gothik (go sick ?) scene.... Do you think there are today so much bands exploding the frontiers of so called styles ? What do you think of the journalistic "I put you in a box" mania ?

We think most of these tags come from media ignorance. Most of these people are not exposed to a variety of music in this genre or have become too jaded to care anymore. Gothic at least is not as out of vogue as industrial is these days so it is better to be labeled this type of band. We do not see that many bands being influenced by the sterotypical gothic scene as in years before.

Have you planned some concerts now, I know you are very active right now but I mean doing gigs for a real tour ? How will it be like ? Zaphor : What will happen when Cassandra Complex will come to Europe in autumn ? Will you play with Rodney ? Will you play with Death Int'l on gigs again (for they released a new lp and will also perhaps tour with Cassandra Complex) ?

We did the Wavetreken, but nothing else is being planned right now. A tour in support of a U.S. release would be the top priority if we can get one.

Are any side-projects on right now ? Any special news ? What about Trauma, Neustart ?

Nothing on the horizon for the side projects right now(other than the possible inclusion in a special US package with Equilibrium) Our main focus right now is in Frozen and Equilibrium to break big worldwide!

Last word ?

Check out our website at for all our latest activities as well as the place to buy all of your GUG goodies. Thank you for the kind interview