Girls Under Glass

by Daryl Litts

Active Members: Volker Zacharias, Hauke Harms, Axel Ermes
New Album: Nightmares
Current Label(s): Van Richter Records
Founded (year band was founded): 1986

What can we expect from "Nightmares" (give description in your own words.)

A best of from our first ten years with mainly all club-&cult-hits we had in europe and a great new remake of John Carpenter's Halloween.

Will you be touring?

We are always touring, but we don't know if it is realistic to finance an US-tour. We definitely would like to.

What makes this album different from previous releases?

It's the second US-release for GUG and on the CD there are also some very rare tracks and mixes you even hardly can get in Germany. So it's very interesting for new people to get into the GUG-world and it's also interesting for collectors to have rare mixes and stuff.

What's next?

A remix record and also we will do a new album very soon. It will be called "Equilibrium" and it's going back to the roots. Means it is much closer to the sound of "Nightmares" than it is any close to our last official CD "Firewalker".