Transmissions from The Chemical Land Lyrics

  1. Chemical Land
  2. Climbing
  3. Regenerate
  4. New Vision
  5. Machine Altar Transmission
  6. Corrosive Constant
  7. Light The Torch
  8. Infantry
  9. Can You Change?
  10. No Place For The Cross
  11. Staircase Repetition
  12. M1911A1
  13. Chemical Land (Showdown Version)

Chemical Land

Storm the gate
No fear of a gun
Kick over the traces
No hesitation

Cutting through hard land
A rifle of flame
With black bile and mortar
Nation divide
Step inside

Right now

Touch my face
Feel my skin
Reach my soul
Far within

Chemical land
All ready

I understand and realize
The state of man dehumanized
Touch my face, feel my skin
Reach my soul, far within


The weak

The strong

The weak
Keep falling

The strong
Still climbing

The same old story


In a suffering age
Words rabid now
Come back within
God, hide and pray

As you rally 'round
War, lust and land
And live ablaze
God, hide and pray


All your passions deep
Soul bound to greed
Tongue torn and tattered
Strangled, we shudder

As you rally 'round
War, lust and land
And live ablaze

New Vision

With sleet and steel
I fight through the day
Pressing hard at last to win
Break down the distance

Caught in lies, ascending crowds
Speech lost all conscience
Words tremble in my turmoil
Head on with the strength of gods
March, soar, new vision


Corrosive Constant

Insist, persist
Enlist, resist

Persist, insist
Resist, enlist

Over again, over again

Light The Torch

Fear driven by the past renewed
Fast is a love of terror
The milt of war
Blooming within our core

Strengthening with the struggle
Here is a history of anguish
Blazing, battling
Blood as beauty
No victory

Light the torch






Can You Change?

Spewing out words
You're spewing out dirt
Spewing out words
You're spewing out dirt


Staircase Repetition

Marching through the hot wind
Concave streets, the bodies stream
Fervour reeking hatred
Charging onward, can't see an end

Breathing in the misery
Cannons high, ravaged dreams alive
Clamouring for senses
Voices breathing in my head

Balancing, running
Balancing, running, turning, beckoning

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