In the early 90s Steve Jones collaborated with Toronto Industrial legends DHI (Death & Horror Inc.) This ongoing partnership resulted in videos for "Chemical Land" (3 versions in all), "New Vision" featuring firebreather Mike Dent and local artist Steve Richards' "Insidious Devices", and "Pain & Courage" shot at an abandoned brick factory north of the city, as well as the never-released experimental video for "Exanthem".

Chemical Land (1991) Jones was approached by DHI, who had already shot some performance footage on 16mm. After transferring the film to tape, Jones quickly realized there was not enough material to make up a video, so he raided his archives of stock footage collected mainly during the Gulf War, and created this video. It was later revised to replace a band member who left, and again when an extended version of the song was released in Europe. The video was edited discretely after hours at the CBC building in Toronto where Jones was employed at the time.

New Vision (1992) This video was shot overnight on a rainy location near the warehouse of Toronto scrap metal artist Steve Richards, whose "Insidious Devices" were featured at Lollapalooza 2 in Barrie. Also featuring the fire-breathing talents of ex-Archaos performer Mike Dent, Jones improvised on the spot the idea of having the band members playing on, and inside, the giant metal ball originally designed to be driven around like a giant hamster ball by the machine also seen in the video. Richards is featured as well, driving his motorcycle-tank. Cinematography was done by Steve Meikle, and once again the footage was transferred and cut secretly at the CBC.

Pain & Courage (1994) This video was shot in 2 locations, a studio at OCA where DHI member Will Mokrynski was studying photography, and outside at an abandoned brick factory in Brampton, north of Toronto, that the band had discovered accidentally. Highlights of the location included giant pieces of rusty abandoned industrial machinery. This video was also the first to include new member Mike "Speed" Gibbs, whom Jones had gone to college with. For a third time the mother corporation and Canadian taxpayers' dollars unknowingly donated resources and equipment to the cause.

Exanthem (1994) (UNRELEASED) This video was created as an experiment when Jones was teaching himself a new editing system. Blatently regurgitating footage from the previous 3 videos, and set to an instrumental track due to the obvious lack of vocals, it was never released but remains to this day one of Jones' favourites, with a haunting dreamlike quality. (Probably because the entire video uses slow motion footage, which was how the experiment began in the first place).

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